Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boy the Challenges

Well, lessons have been learned so far, with the most important being:  When you are doing something with your family they have your best interest at heart.  They want you to be successful and they give you constant positive feedback.  I think that is what has me still going now 3 weeks after my return from building the box with Uncle Jim and Aunt Nancy.  It is also a reminder of how much I miss my Mom.  She was my constant cheerleader and supporter.  She would really be enjoying this project.  I'm sure she is watching and rooting me on!

The first week back I spent time searching for the pole that I would mount the owl box on.  I found a place to buy a brand new piece of pipe but it was kind of expensive.  People kept telling me I should be able to find a recycled piece for a better deal.  So the search was on......I called and called.....I shopped and shopped.....People gave me more advice.....and more advice......When I found myself wanting to go onto strangers property because I thought I might have seen a piece of pipe that would work.....I decided it was time to take safety first and buy the pipe. Before that could be done however it was Thanksgiving week and we were going to the beach.  It was a great trip and very relaxing, it let me step back from this project a little and remember "This is suppose to be fun!".  Once back in town, I called and ordered my 19 feet of 2 inch galvanized pole and it was delivered the next day. 

I'm now "on-call" with the fence guy for putting up the pole.  This part makes me even more anxious.  I'm about to rely on several men, whom I will be giving directions to such as......
1.  Please screw this pipe into this floor flange, the owl box must stay stationary
2.  Please spot weld it into place. 
3.  Please dig the hole 4 feet deep
4.  Be very careful as you lift the pole/box into the air.
5.  Are you sure it is straight.  Please get the level so we know for sure.
6.  Make sure the door of the house is facing the correct direction
7.  Now put in the cement.  Mix it rich enough that it will set up in the cold temperatures
8.  Keep it stable and level, does it need to be braced?
9.  Let me make sure the camera is working

I'm not sure they know what they have signed up for.  I'm the girl that if my hair ribbon was not tied perfectly with the ends being even then my Mom had to start over, I'm the girl whose scrapbook pages have to be perfect even if it takes me 2 hours to get a page done, I'm for sure the girl who wants her owl box to be done perfectly!

The best addition has been that my Uncle wrote a song about the owl box. I don't think I can express how much this means to me. I love music so much and it is a complete affirmation of what this entire project means to me. I have put it to music and will share it soon. 

In honor of both the raising of the owl box and the release of the new song, I actually went out and bought the new flip video camcorder today.  This will allow me to post the video on-line so it will be documented for posterity.

And so.......The magic of The Kentucky Owl Box continues.


  1. Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy. this is so cool!!!! MsR.

  2. I'm getting super excited about your owl box and am SOOOO impressed with all the work you've put in! I know, because it's you, it'll be FABULOUS! :)

  3. Oh Nancy...I read your BLOG and I see me in so many ways, hahahahaha. If I ever get my Owlbox I feel so sorry for the poor soul that helps me build it and helps me raise it up on a pole. They are in for a HUGE surprise. Southern Girls are so hard to please aren't we? We just like things don't a certain way and done right, but I think most women are that way though. I can't wait until your journey is completely over with getting your Owlbox built and settled into place and ready for the residents, it's going to be so exciting for you. I can't wait to see your video, looking forward to it. Don't worry about being so persistant with the person putting the Owlbox up for you, they are probably expecting that. you hang in there, it's almost over, we're cheering for ya.